Historical information

This is a tourist guide to Warrnambool produced by a local artist, Ella Webb, in conjunction with the Warrnambool and District Historical Society. It includes a sketch map showing the location of some points of interest – buildings and sites of historical interest, places of interest that are no longer existing, some natural features (mainly along the coast) and some information about incidents and people in the past. It is an attractive broadsheet that is a useful guide for visitors to Warrnambool.


This sheet is of interest as a modern-day tourist map produced in an artistic fashion by a local Warrnambool artist.

Physical description

This is a single sheet of thick paper printed on both sides in green, brown, yellow and beige tonings. One side of the sheet has sketches of buildings and places of interest and printing and the other side has a sketch map of some of the main streets of Warrnambool and some of its attractions.