Historical information

The Billiard Room and South wing were completed in 1914, built by recommendation of the Lesee John Newton and the Government Tourist Officer and Supervising officer of the Government Chalet, James Boyce... "Boyce was present at the Chalet on 14 March to witness the completion of the new wing's foundations ...when he returned in June he found the wing approaching completion and that '... the billiard table was expected to reach the Chalet during the week'. The table possibly came second-hand from the Oriental Hotel, Bright. When visiting in March, Boyce had heard from a Mr Tewksbury 'that he is disposing of those at the Oriental Hotel so that if the Public Works Department is going to provide the table for the Chalet it might be possible to pick one up cheap from the Hotel'. It's reasonable that the Chalet did acquire one of the second-hand tables in 1914 and, and changed over to a new model in the 1930s. Three billiard tables remain in the Chalet Billiard Room today; one full sized table and two smaller tables, one perhaps a pool table. The full-sized table was made by the well-known billiard table manufacturers Alcock, Thomson & Taylor, who adopted this name when they merged their billiard businesses in January 1930. Henry Upton Alcock had initially established the business in Fitzroy in the mid-1850's and the table at the Chalet resembles the 'Squatter's Favourite' model that Alcock first produced in the nineteenth century from Australian timbers. this style of table was installed in Melbourne's Parliament buildings, several prestigious clubs as well as hotels and houses."(Pg 13-14. Historica)


Listed in Appendix A.1 Furnishings. - Billiard Room. Draft Inventory of significant Collection Items. (Pg 162 Historica, 2011)

Physical description

1. Full size billiard table made of dark wood with eight turned legs. Green blaize covered table surface. 2.Wooden triangle to enclose balls. 3.balls(16) .4 Wooden backed bristle brush with VR stamp. 5. Billiard scorer with Alcock & Taylor, Pty, Ltd. 6. framed billiard rules. 7. Pool balls & cue rest. .8Plus 1x revised rules of pool framed behind glass.(stored in area 23) 1 x original cue rest.

Inscriptions & markings

Alcock, Thomson & Taylor.