Historical information

Childers Cove is situated about 15 ks east of Warrnambool in the area known as Mepunga. It is named after the shipwreck of 'The Children.The documents relate to the running of the Childer's Cove Progress Association. There are a number of social activities including gymkhanas, racing meetings, making of roads and improving with planting trees There are many names which are still familiar with the area nearly 100 years later, including Wallace, McDowall, Burleigh, Murnane, Bonnett, Abraham Laidlaw Keogh Holloway and Palmer. Some of the meetings were held at the Mepunga South School with others held at Eckers Hotel Warrnambool and some at the race course. Fundraising events were held also from athletic meetings and district school children's races.


This collection of papers is representative of many small communities around Australia where people came together and worked to improve their community facilities. It therefore has strong social and historic significance.

Physical description

This is a collection of papers most of which relate to the Childer's Cove Progress Association. Included are:
.1 Minute Book/ Exercise book Childer's Cove Progress Association.May 1928-1932
.2 Minute Book/ Exercise book Childer's Cove Progress Association. 1924-1926
.3 Letter from Warrnambool Football Club 1930.
.4 Account Archibald MacFarlane & Co March 1929
.5 Western District Racing Association Oct 1929.
.6 Federal Taxation Dep Re Entertainment Tax 11/02/1930
.7 Chief Secretary Office re Racing Permits March 1923.
.8-.9 Warrnambool Standard Invoices Jan 1930's
.10 Archibald MacFarlane & Co Jan 1930.
.11 Chief Office for Stamp Duties 12/02/1928
.12 Flyer - Childer's Cove Progress Association April 17 1926.
.13 Flyer- Monster Gymkhana 12/02/ 1927.
.14 Handwritten Invoice Charles Palmer Nov 1929.
.15 Cheque Book Childer's Cove Progress Association 1929-31.
.16 Deposit Book Childer's Cove Progress Association 1932-1942
.17 Bundle of invoices. .1 C J Caddy & Sons.2 Western Ice & Ice Products .3 Department of Lands & Survey Aug 1923 .4 J S Tait re Licence April 1924 .5 Warrnambool Standard31/12/1923 .6 Warrnambool Standard 31/03/1924 .7 Devenish & Co August 1924 .8 Warrnambool Standard 31/06/1924 H J Paynter & Co 03/05/1924 .10 Chief Secretary's Office Melbourne 01/05/1924 with receipt. .11 Permit for a race meeting April 19 1924 .12 Commonwealth of Australia Entertainment Tax 06/09/1924.13 Commonwealth of Australia Entertainment Notice 27/08/01924 .14 Commonwealth of Australia Entertainment Tax notice 12/08/1924
.18 William Ardlie handwritten letter 28/03/1928
.19 Envelope Addressed to W R Abrahams
.20 Final notice Handwritten Charles Palmer Jan 1930.
.21 Balance Sheet Childer's Cove Racing Club 18/03/1929
.22 H J Paynter & Co Account and receipt 25/02/1930.
.23 Raglan Parade Timber Yards Alex Donaldson Feb 1930.
.24 The School Paper Feb 1964 No 741