Historical information

Annie Cameron was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Cameron. Her father was a keen geologist and botanist.
Robert Pullar Cameron was a Shire Councillor for many years. He married Penuel Hossack and had a family of James, Flora, Penuel and Alex. He was listed as a significant plant collector at Orbost, Victoria who collected on the Bemm, Cann and Snowy Rivers. (Based on the list published by J.H. Willis, D. Pearson, M.T. Davis, and J.W. Green, Western Australian Herbarium Research Notes Number 12, August 1986. Enhanced with information from George, A.S. (2009) Australian Botanist's Companion, Four Gables Press, WA.)


These items are significant as a record of the occurrence of a plant species at a particular place and time and are a useful research resource. They are associated with the Cameron family, early Orbost settlers.

Physical description

Two albums of pressed flowers. 765.1 has a red cover with gold trim and printing. 765.2 has a blue cover.

Inscriptions & markings

765.1 - "Collected at Cann River 1874-98 by Annie Cameron "
765.2 - "Collected we believe by Robert P. Cameron in 1890's"