Historical information

"The Chalet has 8 cutlery cabinets, all in the same undecorated Edwardian style, with tapered legs and slightly flared feet. They were identified in the 1992 inventory and listed on the Third schedule ... The cutlery cabinets and serving table probably date from the earliest years of the 1925-26 Dining Room ... Although the items lack a recorded provenance, their stylistic unity implies that they are part of a specific set of Chalet furnishings. Such items derive their meaning from their relationship with other furnishings and objects in the setting where they were originally used, with each complimenting the other." (Pg 77. Historica, Cultural heritage projects - Mt Buffalo Chalet Collection - Significance Assessment, Prepared for Parks Victoria, 2011)


Listed in Draft Inventory of Significant Collection Items. (Pg 162. Historica)

Physical description

8 x small cabinets with 2 cutlery drawers each and wire to hang towels or curtains on underneath the drawers. Lower open shelf under drawers to store crockery. Some cabinets have laminex on top. (later addition)