Historical information

Original directional signs from Chalet interior. Dated to pre 1960's.
"A number of specific items, which have been useful in the day to day operations of the Chalet, remain in the building with each complementing the other to provide context, meaning and character to their setting. Items such as the hall porter bell, the many signs providing information to the guests, the wall clock, barometer and dinner bell point to the Chalet being a well-run social institution with a pleasant environment for rest, recreation and congenial company." (Pg 81 Historica, MBCC)


Listed in Draft Inventory of Significant Collection Items. Appendix A.3 Fixtures and Fittings. (Pg 165 Historica MBCC)

Physical description

Varnished wooden directional signs with painted gold lettering to direct guests through the chalet to the cafe and the guests drying room. Signs have rounded edges and are attached to a vertical post.

Inscriptions & markings

1. "Cafe, fruit, drinks, souvenirs, confectionary, tabacco, photographs, suppers etc."