Historical information

Part of the Victorian Railways silver service.
When the Victorian railways took over management of the Chalet from 1 October 1924, they ran their dining room and cafe in similar fashion to the dining cars on their trains and refreshment rooms on their stations, using the same ceramic hotel-ware and electro plated nickel silverware (EPNS), all made to order items that are clearly idenitified by the distinctive 'VR' monogram. The Chalet retains a good selection of of the diverse range of EPNS items formerly used in the dining room..- which in all their variety and function help to interpret the dining room protocols of the 'tourist house' and the service provided by the Victorian Railways refreshment and Services Branch. Many of the items were manufactured by Stoke & Sons of Melbourne (est. 1856.)' (Pg 103. Historica)
Possibly once graced the chrome display cabinet.


Listed in Draft Inventory of Significant Collection items. Appendix A.3.Tableware. (Pg 166 Historica).

Physical description

Small ice bucket. Electroplated silver on nickel. Has a handle to carry and wide pedestal base."VR" insiginia engraved on front of bucket.

Inscriptions & markings

Crown with scroll underneath with "Victorian Railways" Under that,"WHITE - THROUGH / E.P \ A1\ N.S"