Historical information

Information booklet for distribution, collected by Roger Jones. "The Mount Buffalo plateau has been attracting scientific investigation into its unique plants, insects and animals from at least the 1850's. "(Pg. 131. Historica) "In 1924, amateur naturalist and mountain guide, Alice Manfield (1878-1960) popularly known as Guide Alice , released The Lyre-birds of Mount Buffalo, a 23 page booklet detailing her studies into the lyre-birds on Mount Buffalo, the first pictorial record of lyre-birds to be published. It features Mansfield's photography and includes an introduction by Charles Barrett (1879-1959), an Australian naturalist, journalist, author and foundation member of the Ornithologists Union." (Pg. 132) There are very few known copies of this booklet.


Listed in Draft Inventory of Significant Collection Items . Appendix A.3. Natural History. (Pg 169. Historica).

Physical description

.1 Smooth olive book cover with stick-on photograph of a male lyre-bird. Framed within a border, ink blotches on right-side of booklet. 16 page booklet A 5 size, illustrations on left side pages, stick-on photographs on right pages except for introduction with illustration on right. Thick rough printed paper. •.2 Same as above with slight ink marks on top right, slight tear on right of image.

Inscriptions & markings

.1 "The Lyre-Birds of Mt Buffalo" Photographs and notes by 'Guide Alice', Introduction by Charles Barrett CM2s Publisher: Robertson and Mullens Ltd....." •.2 Same as .1.