Historical information

Found in an opportunity shop in Melbourne and purchased by the donor.
'Souvenirs in relation to the Chalet and Mount Buffalo were first mentioned in December 1912... A large range of souvenirs has since been associated with the Chalet and Mount Buffalo from crafted wooden items, silver spoons, cups etc... The collection includes a broad selection of products that have been sold throughout much of the Chalet's history, each representative of the transient fashions of their period.' (Pg 114. Historica)
Tatra Inn was built in 1964, after an Act was passed in 1960 to allow private development leases in national Parks. The lease was terminated in 1975 and Tatra was taken over by the Government. Tatra was renamed the Lodge throughout the Belles 10 years management, from 1993.


Listed in Draft Inventory of Significant Collection Items . Appendix A.3. Souvenirs. (Pg 168. Historica).

Physical description

A pair of ceramic mugs / goblets. The foot is black and the top of these mugs is sandy coloured with a black buffalo and a black inscription on reverse side

Inscriptions & markings