Historical information

"The collection of ephemera builds on the Chalet's holding of archival material with a range of interesting, original items. Dinner menus., stationery., luggage labels, tickets, dockets and plans help to interpret the structured routine and social conventions of the Chalet that held sway for so many years." (pg 127 MBCC)
Probably printed by Rayner Quickprint


Listed in Draft inventory of significant collection items. Appendix A.3. Ephemera. (pg 169).

Physical description

The tickets are made of yellow paper; on the front page it says "Mt. Buffalo Ski School Class Lesson"; there are 3 empty squares in order to say if it is for an adult, child or other; the information on the right side of the ticket is for the customer, the left part of the ticket is for the seller with just the information adult, child or other; on the right side there is a ticket number, there are 449 tickets in this book;

Inscriptions & markings

On the reverse of the ticket there is a "disclaimer of liability"; signed by Mt. Buffalo Ski School, Cresta, Mt. Buffalo