Historical information

Used to signal ships from lightstation. White flags are semaphore flags used for signalling alphabet letters. Salvaged from junk pile and mounted on wooden block. The identical, white hand held flags, which were used as a pair, are each stapled to a dowel. Information on both items indicates they were made by a well known flag, pennant and banner makers, Evan and Evans who were then located at 680 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne and are now in Spencer Street West Melbourne. Founded in 1877, the firm was a co designer of the Australian Flag in 1901. The flags are likely to date from c.1960 - 70 and are currently displayed in the former Keepers' quarters/ weather room mounted on a wooden block. Similar pairs of semaphore flags are held in Wilsons Promontory and Cape Nelson collections.


The flags have second level contributory significance for their provenance to the lightstation and flag makers Evan & Evans. Thet have historic value for increasing our understanding of the semaphore signalling system formally used at the lightstation.

Physical description

Two identical white fabric flags stapled to a wooden dowel and secured to a wooden base on an angle.They have blue writing, on tags, on the flags.

Inscriptions & markings

On tags on both flags, "EVAN & EVANS FLAGS P/L / FLAGMAKERS / 680 ELIZABETH ST / MELB. 3000 3475755"