Historical information

For medical emergencies at Gabo Island. Unsure if ever used. The portable, manual resuscitator kit is contained in its original green vinyl, hinged case that has corner protectors and two metal front fasteners. Information on the case indicates that it is an ‘Air CIG Viva Resuscitator’. It was used for manual force feeding oxygen into a person’s lungs with the use of a breathing bag, and there are instructions for using the resuscitating bag. The kit was produced by the Commonwealth Industrial Gases Limited, Alexandria, NSW, a company active between 1935 and 1994. An identical kit, which has been accurately dated to 1951, remains at the Cape Otway Lightstation . Another identical kit is held by the Ambulance Historical Society Victoria.


Both kits have first level contributory significance for their historic values and provenance.

Physical description

Resuscitator box, green vinyl, hinged handle at top. Two metal fasteners on front, metal plated corners on lid. White thread stitching around edges. Case contains a resuscitator kit.

Inscriptions & markings

On case "Air CIG Viva Resuscitator. "On sticker "C. of A. D.O.T. 141545"