Historical information

This dark brown bottle with lip, collar, neck and gently sloping shoulder, was made by the Bottle Co. of Victoria P/L for Melbourne Bitter. The Parks Victoria inventory indicates that the bottle dates to 1925. Still brewed today, Melbourne Bitter has been made since 1904, when the Melbourne Cooperative Brewery in Abbotsford was formed by well known pub owners that included Henry Young of Young & Jacksons, and future Lord Mayor Sir Stephen Morrell. They made four beers – Abbotsford Stout (which became Abbotsford Invalid Stout in 1909), Abbots Lager, Melbourne Bitter and Abbotsford Sparkling Ale. Of those, Melbourne Bitter and the Invalid Stout remain largely unchanged and both are now brewed by the South African owned CUB. The bottle was found in the sea or on the island.


Whatever their provenance, they have an association with an event or activity on Gabo Island and for this reason have second level contributory significance for their potential to yield information relating to the cultural history of the lightstation.

Physical description

Dark brown glass bottle, tall with gradual tapering to a narrow opening. Slightly misshapen. White coating on one side.

Inscriptions & markings

Within a club motif, "M.B.C.V" "The property of the manufacturers. / Bottle co of Victoria Pty Ltd" "6 1925"