Historical information

Embossed information on the side shows it to be the property if H.M. Leggo (1869-1938), a Bendigo merchant and manufacturer of grocers’ sundries that included pickles, sauces and condiments. In the 1920s the company expanded into chemicals such as arsenic, rabbit poison and pest sprays. Leggo’s bottles for condiments and preserves tended to be made of clear glass. The square base and tapered body is similar to the J Kitchen & Son brown phenyl bottle, and the Leggo bottle may have also contained a household chemical substance. It was found in the sea or on the island.


Whatever their provenance, they have an association with an event or activity on Gabo Island and for this reason have second level contributory significance for their potential to yield information relating to the cultural history of the lightstation.

Physical description

Brown bottle with four flat sides. It tapers up, beginning with a small square base widening out and tapering to a narrow neck with a thread for a screw top. The bottle has a screw rim top, collar, short neck, four shoulders and a tapered body leading
to an edged base.

Inscriptions & markings

On side, "THIS BOTTLE IS THE PROPERTY OF H.M.LEGGO & CO LTD." On the side,"Reg.No 9376"