Historical information

The glazed stoneware pot is an oyster jar made by Powell potteries, Bristol, probably between 1860 and 1880. Pickled oysters were a regular food of the poor in England in the 19thc. Sam Weller, Charles Dickens’ character in Pickwick Papers (1836-37) commented that ‘Poverty and oysters always seen to go together’. In England, pickling oysters for transport to inland towns and long voyages became an industry. The jar was found in sand near the jetty in 1999.


Whatever their provenance, they have an association with an event or activity on Gabo Island and for this
reason have second level contributory significance for their potential to yield information relating to the cultural history of the lightstation.

Physical description

Ceramic jar. Squat shape, body of jar is cream coloured. Spots of mildew on side. The jar has a pronounced lip, short neck, sloping shoulders and rounded body. Just below the shoulder, the glaze colour changes from brown to stone.

Inscriptions & markings

"POWEL &DB Stol"