Historical information

From accompanying interpretive sign,"Early life jackets and life- rings were made using cork for bouyancy. A poignant reminder of the risks facing seafarers". Triangular and rectangular pieces of cork are from old life jackets. Curved piece with canvas remnant and white paint is a section of an old life ring. The piece with hole and split is a float off a fishing net. As cork is also used to provide buoyancy to fishing nets, further information on these fragments, such as their degree of rarity, and the historic use of cork for buoyancy in relation to lightstations and rescue equipment would be helpful.


They will have second level contributory significance if it can be established that they are historically associated with the functions of the lightstation.

Physical description

1. Triangular shaped piece of cork, has holes and cracks. 2. Rectangular shaped piece of cork, has large holes through piece. Remains of white textile covering on two sides (long sides). Piece is slightly convex. 3. Rectangular pieceof cork. Corners are rounded . Rough pitted surface. 4. Tube shaped section of cork. Has hole through middle with split in one side extending to hole. Around outside there are even lines extending horizontally.