Historical information

Used on Gabo Island lightstation.This portable first aid kit comes in a lockable metal box and includes an instruction manual, smelling salts, eye cleaner, dressings, cotton wool and burns dressing. It was made in September 1976.Supplement to Royal flying doctors service of Australia.


The kit has first level contributory significance for its relative completeness, historic value and provenance to the lightstation.

Physical description

1. White, two hinged lid, metal first aid kit. Containing: 2. Instruction manual. 3. Smelling salts. 4. Eye cleaner. 5. 6 x sterilised dressings. 6. Cotton wool. 7. Large burn dressing. (padded gauze). Lock on lid. rusted slightly on top and sides. Five screws on right side. Four screws on left back lid. Metal hinged handle on left side. Metal compartment on inside.