Historical information

Further information on the unidentified object has not been available during preparation of this report, but it may be a buoy light, or perhaps even a solar powered rotating light made by Pharos Marine, New Zealand. Portable beacon lights were made with a plastic lens and an aluminium base and it is known that one of these was installed in the Gabo Island Lighthouse in February 1992. It was replaced in May 2006 and the lights are now no longer used within the AMSA network. The unidentified item, which can be described as a white painted conical object, appears to be associated with signalling, but more information is needed to confirm this. These items of equipment are presumed to relate to core lightstation functions and look to be in good condition.


They have at least second level significance for their probable provenance and association with the theme of visual signalling and the use of navigation equipment for maintaining safe routes for shipping.

Physical description

Beacon and unidentified object (GILS 0095) The portable beacon is a small rotating light containing a lens and prism. The other item can be described as a white painted conical object.