Historical information

IN April 1964, 8/13 VMR attended a 3rd Division Camp in the Mansfield, Eildon, Jamieson area. Regimental recruits received basic training orior to advancing to mounted training. Sgt. Doug Benstead serveds in Korea before joining 8/13 VMR


Collection of photographs showing an armoured regiment of the Citizen Forces in the 1960s as it transitioned from wheeled armoured vehicles to tanks to M113 armoured personal carriers.

Physical description

Black and white photograph of two soldiers without shirts, but wearing basic webbing; both wearing black berets and 8/13 VMR badges. One soldier is instructing the other in bayonet fighting. 7.62 SLR rifle and bayonet.

Inscriptions & markings

" Sgt. D. Benstead, Trooper Hall, Recruit training, Jamieson 1963. "