Historical information

Constructed during the overhaul of locomotive G 42 in 1954/1955. This stack was the exhaust for the coal fired Garratt locomotive G 42 and replaced the ornate stack it had been built with by Beyer Peacock in England in 1926. The overhaul was carried out between it's last run on the Moe to Walhalla railway and prior to locomotive being placed in service, for the first time, on the Colac to Beech Forest railway line. The stack remained in use until 1962, when the locomotive was withdrawn, and was still connected to the boiler until restoration of G 42 was undertaken. Locomotive G 42, with its replica ornate stack, was restored by the Puffing Billy Preservation Society in 2004 and can be seen operating on the Puffing Billy Railway.


G 42 Stack - era 1955

Physical description

G 42 Stack - era 1955 made of cast Metal