Historical information

This is a Warrnambool High School cap from the 1930s. Warrnambool High School was established in 1907 with a farm site in Merrivale and it was also in several sites in the main town area, with the longest occupancy in Hyland Street. In 1961 the school moved to its present location in Albert Park (Grafton Road). The High School amalgamated with Warrnambool North Technical School in 1995 to form Warrnambool College. Malcolm Goodall, the owner of the cap, was born in 1917 and died in 2010. He lived in Coulstock Street and he worked in the tinning department of Nestles. The Goodall family has been in the Warrnambool area since the mid 1850s including being at the farm, ‘Wanstead’ in East Warrnambool and at Framlingham in the 19th century where William Goodall was the manager of the aboriginal settlement.


This cap is of interest as an example of the boys’ uniform at Warrnambool High School in the 1930s and as a memento of Malcolm Goodall. His ancestors were pioneers in the Warrnambool district.

Physical description

This is a boy’s cap made of dark green cloth with octagonal sections and a cloth button on top. The peak is edged with navy and cream cord. The centre front of the cap has a school badge with the school initials and motto. The inside of the cap is lined with black cloth with a cream centre and has the cap seller’s business details and the name of the owner of the cap. Some of the printed material here is indecipherable. The stitching is worn in some places.

Inscriptions & markings

W.H.S. Sine Labore
V. Becker Boys Shop & Hosiery Parlour Warrnambool
Name: M. Goodall