Historical information

This helmet has been used by a member of the Royal Australian Navy in the early to mid 20th century. The Commonwealth Naval Forces were formed after Federation in 1901 and became known as the Royal Australian Navy in 1911. Pith helmets are now used only in the Australian Defence Forces for ceremonial purposes. No information is available on A.B. Pollock.


This helmet is retained for display purposes.

Physical description

This helmet is made of white material with a six-segmented crown and a peak and back covering. In the centre of the crown is a dome with three breathing holes. On top of the dome is an ornamental gold-coloured metal finial. The edge of the crown has a band of white fabric and in the centre of this is a metal badge with a crown, anchor and seven stars and the wording ‘Royal Australian Navy’. Inside, the helmet has a leather rim with an adjustable leather string with brass clips (one missing). Inside, the breathing holes are made of brass and the metal rotates to open or close the holes. Inside also are the size of the helmet, the owner’s name and some other indecipherable information

Inscriptions & markings

Royal Australian Navy