Historical information

Worn by three brides in 1941, 1944 and 1948.

The dress was made for Eva Elizabeth (Bid) Harvey for her marriage to Morris Langlo West on 2 October 1941 at St James Catholic Church, North Road, Gardenvale. They had two children, Julian (1942-2005) and Sr. Elizabeth West (born 1942). Bid was born in 1906 to Michael and Kitty Harvey. They lived at 51 Cole Street, Elwood. The bridesmaid was Bid's niece Jocelyn Hickey.

The dress was also worn by Jocelyne Dorothy Taylor when she married John Carlisle (Carl) Harvey (Bid's brother) at James Catholic Church, Gardenvale on 30 June 1944. Jocelyne's bridesmaid was Jocelyn Hickey and the best man was Basil Robinson. The reception was held at 'Birdwood', Birdwood Avenue, Brighton. Jocelyne was born in Rangoon, Burma in 1921 and was the eldest daughter of Stanley and Dorothy Taylor. Carl was the only son of Michael and Kitty Harvey. Jocelyne and Carl lived at 15 Harwood Street, Elwood and later at 54 North Road, Brighton. They had five children, Michael, David, Jennifer, Robert and Eric.

The third bride to wear the dress was Jocelyn Mary Hickey, who was bridesmaid to Bid and Jocelyne. Jocelyn Hickey was born in 1929 to Daniel and Doreen Hickey (Bid's sister and Jocelyne's sister-in-law). Jocelyn married Gerard Leslie O'Donnell at St James Catholic Church, Gardenvale in 1948. The bride's attendants were Adita Smith, Maureen Bow and Jacqueline Connell. The groom's attendants were Jack Fallon and Con O'Donnell. The reception was held at 51 Cole Street, Elwood. Jocelyn and Gerard had three daughters, Maree, Carlene and Janine. They lived in Bunyip, Victoria. (Information provided by the donor).

Physical description

Cream crepe wedding dress with short sleeves and dropped waist. Sweetheart neckline, bodice and sleeves decorated with floral design in bugle beads. Fastens with metal zip in left side seam.