Historical information

This Castor Oil Bottle is part of a Sanax First Aid Case which was used at the the former Carnegie Senior Citizens' Centre. The centre was located at 314 Neerim Road, Carnegie. When the Neerim Road facility closed, its activities were moved to the Carnegie Library and Community Centre. For Occupational Health and Safety reasons, Council no longer maintains first aid kits at senior citizens' centres.

Physical description

Brown glass bottle with green and white paper label with Sanax branding, and usage directions. Black plastic screw-top lid. Bottle has been decanted. Small cork stopper inside bottle.

Inscriptions & markings

"Sanax" CASTOR OIL / SOOTHING / APPLICATION / FOR THE EYES / OR AS AN / APERIENT / THE SANAX CO. / 223-225 BAY ROAD / SANDRINGHAM. TEL. 98-1604 / Left side of bottle: Internally -- Adult Dose: as a purgative, 1 to 2 table-spoonfuls. A valuable remedy for inflammation of the bowels, colic, diarrhoea, etc. Right side of bottle: Externally -- For eye burns of eye irritation, drop freely into the eye. A suitable application for caustic burns.