Historical information

During the 17th century, or the Golden Age, the Dutch Republic was involved in a number of wars at sea. The main goal of the Dutch navy was to protect shipping lanes all over the world and, if need be, to repel a naval invasion of Dutch territory. They also constantly searched for new territories from which to import the spices vital for the preservation of food.


The Dutch are historically very proud of their seafaring history and honour "heroes" such as Dik Tromp, Piet Hein and Michel de Ruyter. These men were actually as much pirates as anything else and preyed on the treasures brought back from South America by the Spanish and Portuguese.

Physical description

This is actually a miniature sailing ship based on a small wooden clog. The two parchment sails carry heraldic decorations While the top mast also has a small red, white and blue flag. The varnished clog is decorated with a small typically Dutch scene and the word "Holland". "Made in Holland" is printed on the underside.

Inscriptions & markings

Made in Holland