Historical information

Orbost Town Band amalgamated in 1913 to form the Orbost Municipal Band under the conductorship of Mr Charles Spink.
The Orbost Municipal Band played a major role in the Orbost community activities. Charles Spink made sure each soldier returning home from the 1914 to 1918 war was welcomed home in front of the Shire Hall to the music of the Orbost Municipal Band. The band played in the main street on most Friday nights.


The various Orbost bands over the years played a major role in community activities providing entertainment and musical experiences for the many members.

Physical description

Three A4 folders containing inward correspondence related to the Orbost Municipal Band. 802.1 has a maroon cover and is dated from 1963 -1977. 802.2 has a grey cover and is dated from 1978 - 1979. 802.3 has a grey cover and is dated 1974 - 1975 .