Historical information

The Mt Clear Technical High School was an amalgamation of several schools. The Ballarat Junior Technical School was started in 1913 to bridge the gap between primary schools and senior technical colleges at the old Dana Street National School under the administration of the School of Mines. The Ballarat Girls Technical School which was commenced in 1951 and the Girls High School which can be traced back to 1874, both had several incarnations before joining together. The Mt Clear Technical School separated from the School of Mines in January 1977 and was officially opened on 10th October 1981.

Physical description

Called 'A marriage of convenience', this 7 page, A4 booklet is stapled at the top left hand corner and is a photocopy of the vol.1, no.9 issue of The Ballarat Historian. It contains a history of the the schools in Ballarat which eventually merged and formed on the completion of the buildings in 1981, the Mt Clear Technical High School. It was written by J A Chisholm who was the Jnr. Vice-President of the Ballarat Historical Society. It was listed as Vol.1, No.9 as the Journal of the Ballarat Historical Society.