Historical information

George Reed was a draftsman living in the City of Moorabbin c 1950
1899, David Misell, invented this "electric device" ( torch / flashlight) powered by "D" batteries laid front-to-back in a paper tube with the light bulb and a rough brass reflector at the end. Misell assigned his invention over to the American Electrical Novelty and Manufacturing Company owned by Conrad Hubert. In 1905, Hubert changed the name again to The American Ever Ready Company, selling torches / flashlights and batteries under the trademark Ever Ready. In 1906 the British Ever Ready Electrical Company was formed for export of batteries; it became independent in 1914. The American Ever Ready Company became part of National Carbon Company in 1914. The trademark was shortened to Eveready. In 1986, Union Carbide sold its Battery Products Division to Ralston Purina Company becoming the Eveready Battery Company, Inc. and in 1992, it bought the British Ever Ready Electrical Company. Prior to March 1, 1980, the company's alkaline battery had been called the Eveready Alkaline Battery (1959–1968), Eveready Alkaline Energizer (1968–1974) and Eveready Alkaline Power Cell (1974–February 29, 1980). On March 1, 1980, it was rebadged under its current name, Energizer. 2019 production plant in Portage, Wisconsin, but the majority of batteries are made in China and there are also numerous production facilities outside the US.


This is an industrial strength Eveready Torch made in England and was used by George Reed, a draftsman, who lived in Bentleigh , City of Moorabbin in mid 20th C

Physical description

Large 'Eveready' industrial hand torch/ flashlight with rubber protective cover

Inscriptions & markings