Historical information

This photograph was found in the Orbost Historical Society's cupboard. School is unknown. A copy of this photograph has been donated by Gil and Heather Richardson via the Mary Gilbert Collection. It is probably of students of Jarrahmond school where Miss Cope was the head teacher C 1916. This photograph could be associated with a celebration of Empire Day. The celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday on May 24 was renamed Empire Day in 1903 after her death in 1901. It was celebrated throughout the British Empire culminating in fireworks and bonfires in the evening. Empire Day was first introduced in 1905 to promote loyalty among the dominion countries of the British Empire. (from https://dictionaryofsydney.org/event/empire_day)
Celebrated on 24 May, Queen Victoria's birthday, it was directed especially at school children. Teachers were encouraged to promote special steps to develop a feeling of pride in the British Empire and the achievements of the British race. Often a morning of short addresses, recitations and patriotic songs such as 'Rule Britannia' and 'Advance Australia' was followed by a half-day holiday to mark the celebration of Australia's strong ties to the British Empire. (from MuseumsVictoria)

Some identified are; Top row -E- Eva Trewin; N-Rita Mundy; G-Elva Trewin; N- Jack Mundy D-Jack Trewin
Middle row - Miss Cope, teacher. I Daisy or Katie McLeod
Front row - L -Jack Stephenson; A Lindsay Trewin ; N-Frank Richardson
Helena Warren was a self-taught photographer who became both the local press correspondent and a producer of humorous trompe l'oeil postcard images. The photographer, was a thirty-two year old settler living on a small mixed farm with her husband, William, at Newmerella, near Orbost in Gippsland, Victoria, when she bought her first camera, an Austral Box quarter-plate. Her family says she was entirely self-taught.


Although not clearly dentified the photograph has significance in its association with Helen Frances Warren, a popular Orbost identity who was well known as an accomplished photographer and needleworker,
It is associated with education in Orbost.

Physical description

A very old and damaged photograph of students an a teacher under a tree. The students are holding up cards that read "England, Ireland, Scotland". The photo is on a black card frame. a woman is standing on the left. Children are posed into three rows.
There is also a copy of this photograph.