Historical information

The property Cattarno, Caulfield, where the Misses Slaney resided was the location for a Boxing Day picnic in 1913.
The location was also used for a drawing room for the purposes of fundraising and is mentioned in the Michaelmas issue of the LHLG newsletter "Jottings from our Log" 1913, Michaelmas issue.


Depicts one of the key host venues for both Drawing room events and venues for picnics and visits with seafarers.

Physical description

Small monochrome photograph (faded) depicting outdoor gathering of seamen and LHLG members.

Inscriptions & markings

Printing instructions are handwritten at the back in pencil: Top right corner: "This block not sent" with dimensions and "print".
also in pencil: snapshot at / Picnic at Catarno [sic the spelling of the location is wrong here]
Blue stamp: "520"