Historical information

The first settler to occupy the Marlo township area was James Stirling around the year 1875. He built a bark hut on the bluff that had two rooms, bark walls, earthen floors and a shingle roof. By 1884, this structure had expanded to a 9 roomed accommodation house and in 1886 became the Marlo Hotel when a liquor license was granted.
The Governor-in-Council declared Marlo to be a township on 18 February 1889] During May 1889, the government surveyor, E.L. Bruce set out 19 sections of the new township, with the first sales of subdivided land occurring the following May. At this time, Stirling's Marlo Hotel was the unofficial hub for the community. It was a general store, accommodation house and the unofficial post office, with settlers taking turns in bringing the mail from Orbost or Cunningham. This continued until Aug 1942, and in 1969 was located in a house adjacent to the Marlo Hotel, before being transferred to the Marlo General Store in this year. The official Post Office List states the Marlo Post Office opened around 1902.
in 1925, the "Marlo House" (a nine room accommodation guest house) was granted a liquor licence. The "Marlo House" became "The Marlo Hotel".
The Marlo Hotel was popular with many Orbost and district settlers, who travelled to Marlo by horseback


Perched on the hill overlooking the estuaries and the entrance, the Marlo Hotel is a significant building in Marlo. It was established in 1886 and has been operating for over 120 years,

Physical description

A black / white photograph of Marlo House with staff and patrons standing and sitting on the verandah.

Inscriptions & markings

on front - "H.S. Marlo House"