Historical information

Date is approximate. This is one of a series of photos donated by Arthur Lyons. Lyons family history: Arthur's father, Fred Lyons initially worked for George Rea's cab service until he set up his own business. He started with a horse and hansom cab but in time he changed over to a motor vehicle and continued his service until 1960. Frederick Adolphus Lyons (1891-1980) was born in Surrey Hills, son of Thomas and Catherine Lyons. He married Elizabeth Ruby Hall in 1918. They lived at 55 Sunbury Crescent. The Lyons’ home in Sunbury Crescent was called ‘Knopshambury’ - this was probably a misspelling of Knockshanbally in Co Kilkenny, the birth place of Fred’s father, Thomas Edmund Josias Lyons (1846-1915). Arthur Lyons was born in Surrey Hills on 12 Jun 1920. He became a motor mechanic / welder and lived his whole life at 55 Sunbury Crescent. The donation was made while he was in hospital. He died shortly afterwards (23 Sep 1990). Donation was finalised by a neighbour, Mrs Florence Ann Armitstead, wife of Glen Victor Armitstead. Glen was a local hairdresser. They moved to 11 Sunbury Crescent after their marriage in 1939. Arthur had no relatives to distribute the material to. The buildings date from circa 1887 and extended some way down Sunbury Crescent. The address was 63 Sunbury Crescent on the corner of Union Road. Built by Albert Mills for the Premier Land Agency; taken over by Timothy Leigh in 1893. The building housed a variety of shops – initially the land agency, but later shops included at various times a fruiterer, florist, carpenter, fishmonger, upholsterer, plumber. However, by the time this photo was taken in the 1930s it was occupied by Triumph Press. The printing industry continued to have a lasting presence. Triumph Press was followed by Surrey Press and in 1970 New Life Publications moved to the site from Abbotsford. It was about this time that this original building was demolished to make way for a modern print works. Gradually the needs of the printing business absorbed other properties along the Union Road frontage. The boy in the photo is Arthur (Tiger) Lyons and beside him is Alf Johnson, the local printer. The Lyons family lived adjacent to these buildings at 55 Sunbury Crescent.

Physical description

Black and white photo of a section of double-storey terrace buildings in Sunbury Crescent Surrey Hills, taken looking towards the corner of Union Road. The bricks are two-toned and laid in herringbone pattern. The verandah on the 2nd story is filled in with cast-iron lacework panels. There are 2 vintage cars in front of the terrace. A young boy sits on the running board beside a man dressed in suit and hat.