Historical information

The Breeden family came to Surrey Hills in 1905, first to Guildford Road, then Middlesex Road where Horrie Breeden lived as a boy. He sometimes used to help with milking at the adjoining Kenneally's dairy in Highfield Road. Sometimes he and his brother drove the cows from there to Schneider's property near Florence Road on the way to Surrey Hills Primary School. The cows would graze here until the boys took them back after school. At other times he would deliver milk from the Croydon Road dairy (Isherwood's or Bovill's) to St Joseph's Boys Home before school. Horrie became an apprentice in woodwork / carpentry at Vine's timber yard before serving in World War 1. Horrie's father died in 1919 and in the same year he bought 3 cows and established his own dairy on his mother's property on the corner of Goodwood Street and Boisdale Road.
In the 1920s Horrie built the first house in Goodwood Street. He went on to build others in the street including his own at No 7 Goodwood Street. He did all the joinery and internal fittings for this. [REF: Oral testimony: Horrie Breeden to Jocelyn Hall in 1979.]
In the 1990s the owner of 7 Goodwood Street discovered a branding iron under the house; this is presumed to relate to Horrie Breeden's dairy. It was donated to SHNC's collection.
Horrace Bruce Breeden (7 July 1898-24 January 1988) was son of Charles Henry Breeden and Lavinia Maria Darby, both born Warwickshire; buried in Box Hill Cemetery. He was one of a large family. He married Olive Mary Romey.

Physical description

Black and white photo taken from the east end of Goodwood Street, Surrey Hills in 1930, looking towards Elgar and Riversdale Roads. It shows an area which is rural in appearance. It is not built upon. The foreground is grassy and there is a post-and-wire fence to the right. There is a bank of eucalyptus trees behind which is hilly grassland.