Historical information

Miss Jessie McCleverty operated a girls' high school at 12 Durham Road from 1903-1905/6. After this time she moved the school to 44 Windsor Crescent where it operated until 1933.
Oral testimony from Mrs R McCoy: (NB/ It is unclear whether this refers to 12 Durham Road or 44 Windsor Crescent, but it is more likely to be the later as Mrs McCoy donated a photo taken in 1982 of 44 Windsor Crescent.) "She added school rooms and a veranda to the back. She was keen on Esperanto, the international language and wanted her pupils to know it.
There was an archway over the gate, part of the design being a star, part of the Esperanto sign - and some suitable wording. Each morning the pupils greeting had to be "Good Morning Fraternity", in Esperanto."

Physical description

Colour Polaroid photo taken from across the street of an Edwardian-style house, painted white with simple fretwork along the veranda and a picket fence with a simple profile. The roof is grey in colour. It is not possible to tell if it is slate or corrugated iron. The chimney is red brick and the garden has a variety of mature trees.