Historical information

The house was formerly known as formerly 'Guildford' and built in 1888 to the design of architect Mr George Jobbins. 1900-1902: Home of Mr William Holmes, later of 'Lugano' in Mont Albert Road. 1906-1923: Home of Mr Phillip Parer and family. Briefly the home of Mr Phillip Dicker and family. From 1988 to March 2019 it was the home of Mr Peter Nicholls and his wife Clare (nee Coney) and their sons Jack and Luke. Peter Douglas Nicholls (8 March 1939 – 6 March 2018) was was born in Melbourne and was an Australian literary scholar and critic. He was the creator and a co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction with John Clute.

Physical description

A colour photograph of a house showing two large windows and a veranda to the left. There is decorative iron lacework along the veranda.