Historical information

Date is approximate. In 1920 this became the home of Mr and Mrs Robert Moore, whose daughter Mabel Annie married Norman Brodley Carter of Mont Albert. The house was named after 'Glenisla', a western District grazing property located between Hamilton and Horsham on the Henty Highway and on the edge of the Grampians National Park. This was established as a super-fine wool stud in 1860 and was passed down the family until it was sold in 1922. The family transferred from this property to Melbourne. Robert is listed as a grazier in the 1924 electoral roll at Chestnut Street. With him are Victor Cecil listed as a carpenter; Isabella, Mabel Annie and Edgar Gilbert listed as an orchardist. In 2003 the house was extant minus the verandas. This photo may have been taken from the rear of the property. Ref: History of original property - Age newspaper article: 'The Best - Glenisla: historic Grampians property', 7 January 1994. Moore family details: Robert Moore born 1857 on Isle of Man; died Surrey Hills 1940 Isabella Bateson born 1869; died Surrey Hills 1938 Married in 1894 in Miram, 10 km north-east of Kaniva in the northern Wimmera. All the children were born in Kaniva. Children: Lena Florence (1895-1980) Victor Cecil (1896-1984) - a builder Edgar Gilbert (1897-1976); died Surrey Hills; married Myrtle Emary, daughter of Henry John Emary of Surrey Hills Ernest Alan (1900-1900) Mabel Annie (1901-1957); died Surrey Hills married Norman Brodley Carter (1899-1984) Clarence Arthur (1904-2004). Norman Carter took many photos in the Surrey Hills and Mont Albert are from the 1920s; many is connection with Church of England events and activities. Robert and Isabella Moore are buried in Box Hill Cemetery.

Physical description

Black and white photo of a Victorian home with a veranda with a corrugated iron roof and lacework on 2 sides. It appears to have a later extension at the rear. It is surrounded by mature gardens with ornamental trees (cypresses) and an area with plants in rows, which may be a vegetable garden. There appears to be significant areas of open space around the house.