Historical information

The vacant land was the site of Norman Carter's future home at 21 Everton Grove. Norman Broadley Carter (1899-1984) married Mabel Annie Moore in 1927. Norman was an engineer with a passion for photography. Norman took many photos of Surrey Hills and Mont Albert from the 1920s and particularly of events and activities of the Church of England.
For many years the house on the left located at 14 Harding Street belonged to the Kenneth Rothwell Culliton and his wife (Fanny) Molly Culliton. The house is located next to the Harding Street Reserve. Ken was an engineer and Molly was an early member of the Surrey Hills Historical Society. Ken was born and died in Surrey Hills. His father Harry Culliton was a well known golfer. His mother Christina Mary Rothwell was the daughter of Thomas Talbot Rothwell, known as a tea merchant and importer; also lived in Surrey Hills.


This image is significant for its documentation of pre-urban Surrey Hills.

Physical description

Black and white photo of an area of gently sloping mown grass. On the horizon is a line of trees and on the LHS the outline of a (?) Victorian house can be seen. A man and a young boy are playing in the open space.