Historical information

This building dated back to the 1880s and had previously operated as Delany's Hotel and then the Royal Hotel. It was built near the site of the original Delany's Hotel, built in 1856.
The Royal Hotel closed in 1921 after the area voted to be a 'dry area'.
Tower House Day and Boarding School operated from 1921 until 1932.
Norman Carter took many photos of Surrey Hills and Mont Albert from the 1920s; many were associated with events and activities of the Church of England.

Physical description

Black and white photo of a partially demolished building. The roof is missing and there is a pile of rubble along the front wall. What remains indicates that it has been a large building in the Victorian style. There is a mixture of treatments to the surrounds of the windows. On the RHS part of a truck can be seen.

Inscriptions & markings

Original: Top LH corner in blue biro "see matching photo"; top RH corner "498 / spare"; bottom LH corner in lead pencil "N Carter"; bottom RH corner in blue biro "20-8-32" - all Jocelyn Hall's handwriting.