Historical information

The photo would have been taken prior to 1913 as Dr Blakie moved across the road to 174 Union Road to a purpose-built home/surgery designed by architect Arthur Plaisted. He practised at 171 Union Road joining or taking over from Dr Percy Liddle in 1905. The property was rented from the Zeplin family who built the house in 1890, which was known as 'Edgeware', and originally owned all the land bound by the railway, Union Road, Wilson Street and Montrose Street. in the 1920s to 1930s. 1906 became the home of Dr James Blakie, surgery was to the left of house. In 1912 Blakie had house built opposite (now Medical Centre). In 1920s-30s 'Edgeware' became Surrey Hills Police Station.
Family details:
James Blakie was born in New Zealand to a farming family of Scottish origin. He trained at Otago University with additional study at Cambridge. He married Catherine Miller Martin in 1906. They had 4 children: Geoffrey Noel (1906-1955); Raymond James (1907-1989); Theodore (1913-1913) and a daughter.

Physical description

Black and white photo of a Victorian style home with a slate roof, 2 chimneys, and a striped corrugated iron front veranda to 2 sides with decorative iron fretwork. It has a picket fence and an established garden with a central path leading to the front door. A woman, identified as Nurse Jones, is standing on the veranda.