Historical information

Word of mouth (Half Moon Bay) 2018 is a two-panel work which is the largest painting the artist has made to date. It is a colourful and fun, light-hearted scene of an imaginative party that the artist would love to attend at Half Moon Bay in Black Rock. Depicted in the work are over 30 figures, including international tourists, family and friends of McHaffie as well as famous identities such as musicians David Bowie and Solange Knowles, and fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. McHaffie’s DJ friend Lucreccia Quintanilla has set up a DJ deck and speakers on the beach while the party goers are wading in the shallow waters, dancing on the cliff and mingling on the beach in what appears to be an idyllic summer’s day in Bayside.

Physical description

oil on linen (diptych)