Historical information

Vol. 6, No. 3, Jul-Aug 2001
Vale Robert Klippel 1920 – 2001 2
John Young
Making sense of the spirit of our times 3
Bud Tingwell's magnificent obsession 18
Winter Dreaming
A concert for reconciliation 6
Short Story
A mop of gardens by Gillion Mears 8
The Celts invade Brunswick
Folk music at the East 12
Book Review
John Jenkins on Les Murray 14
Abdullah Ibrahim
and the Dollar Brand Trio 21
Heidelberg to Heide
Streeton and Nolan: the common ground 22
Australian classical music
Elizabeth Scarlet 23
Art Therapy
Possibilities for change 24
Artin' about 26
Wining & Dining 30
Artists' Services and Teaching 32


"Peter Dougherty has been involved in the local art scene for many years. As publisher and editor of the arts magazine Artstreams, his comments on the various branches of the arts are widely respected. His "The Arts" column in the Diamond Valley Leader presents a brief summary for a much wider cross section of the local community. Peter also operates his own gallery and the Artstreams Cafe at the St Andrews market. Peter has a wealth of knowledge about present day and historical aspects of local art and artists." - Eltham District Historical Society Newsletter No. 161, March 2005

Physical description

Colour front and back cover with feature articles and literary pieces with photographs and advertisements printed in black and white. 36 pages, 30 cm.

Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1996) - Vol. 10, no. 5 (summer ed. 2005/​06)