Historical information

Vol. 7, No. 5, Nov 2002-Feb 2003
Comment 2
Raising Young Voices - Robert Williams 3
Gardening: The New Rock and Roll - Kate Hird 7
blOKes at the Collingwood Gallery 10
200? Banyule Youth Art Awards 11
A Trip in Time and Space - Seren Little 13
Melbourne Art Fair 2002 - Felicity Gordon 15
Eltham High School Photography 16
Susan Pickering: A Shift in Passions - Corinna Tautsche 18
Poetry News and Reviews - John Jenkins 19
Book Review: Amerika Psycho - Pam Dougherty 20
Book Review: Mirka Mora - Louise Poland 21
Noel Counihan: Geoff Todd: Op Art in Australia 22
Australian Music: Elizabeth Scarlett 23
CD Reviews: John Sangster, Judy Jacques, Bob Sedergreen 24
Artin' About 27
Wining & Dining 30


"Peter Dougherty has been involved in the local art scene for many years. As publisher and editor of the arts magazine Artstreams, his comments on the various branches of the arts are widely respected. His "The Arts" column in the Diamond Valley Leader presents a brief summary for a much wider cross section of the local community. Peter also operates his own gallery and the Artstreams Cafe at the St Andrews market. Peter has a wealth of knowledge about present day and historical aspects of local art and artists." - Eltham District Historical Society Newsletter No. 161, March 2005

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Colour front and back cover with feature articles and literary pieces with photographs and advertisements printed in black and white. 36 pages, 30 cm.

Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1996) - Vol. 10, no. 5 (summer ed. 2005/‚Äč06)