Historical information

“The Willows” home of John Butler Maling on south side of Whitehorse Road in Shepreth Street, near Banool Road. He built 2-roomed mud brick cottage in about 1861 extending it in stages into a weatherboard Victorian villa as his family grew. John Butler Maling's uncle (also John Butler Maling lived nearby at 'Ancyra' at 26 Weybridge Street). 'The Willows' was situated on a small farm of c13 acres with a creek running through it, lined with willows. The house was demolished after J B Maling's death in 1931 when the land was subdivided, some of it having been previously bought by the Education Department for the site of Chatham Primary School.
J B Maling trained his six sons as builders. Charles Henry and his family are pictured in this photo. Charles Henry Maling (1875-1953) married Katherine Mitchell (1875-1958) in 1901. They lived at 9 Benson Street, Surrey Hills but came to live at 'The Willows' for 5 years prior to 1931 to care for Charles' father.
Charles and Katherine are the older man and woman centre back with daughter Ellen Grace, known as Nell (1882-1960) in the front of them. Right front seated on the pillar is daughter Jane Emma (1872-1980) with her baby. Her husband Robert Wilhelm (Bob) Sutherland is the younger man at the back. The occasion is thought to be the christening of their first child.
The other people are Rev O Cordell, his wife Mary and their children who are friends visiting from Africa where the donor, Rev Charles Maling, son of Charles Henry Maling was working with the Church Mission Society.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a group of people standing (one lady sitting) on the front steps of a house.