Historical information

John NEELY (1953- )
Born Leavenworth, Kansas, USA

John Neely is the Professor of Ceramics at Utah State University. John has studied Ceramics in Japan, and lectured and conducted in workshops, including at the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design. He is an expert in the technology of clay, glaze and kiln firing with a keen interest in pattern and texture.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at Alfred Univerity, New York in 1975, John Neely participated in a one year Foundation Fellowship at Tokyo, Japan. The following year he was the recipient of a Rockefeller Brothers Fund One Year Fellowship in Tokyo, Japan. Neely completed a Ministry of Education Two Year Postgraduate Research Fellowship at the Kyoto City College of Fine Arts, Kyoto, Japan and was awarded a Master of Fine Art at Ohio University, Athens, Ohio in 1982.

This work is part of the Jan Feder Memorial Ceramics Collection which was amassed with funds raised by Jan Feder's student peers at the Gippsland Centre for Art and Design in the mid 1980s after Jan Feder passed away. Although many of the works are donated the intention of the collection was to purchase from visiting lecturers who became leading ceramic artists around the world, as well as from many of the staff who taught at the Churchill Campus.

Physical description

Ceramic salt fired pot John Neely from Logan, Utah, USA, who was a guest lecturer at the Gippsland Centre of Art and Design (later Federation University Australia).