Historical information

These three badges all bear the phrase " For Our Fighting Men" and were sold to raise funds for Australian servicemen's comforts in World War One. The funds would have been used to send food and amenities parcels to those serving overseas, to provide assistance to those soldiers who had returned to Australia or were serving within Australia. The funds from the sale of these badges were directed to the Australian Comforts Fund which was an organisation formed in August 1916 from the amalgamation of the State groups formed to provide assistance to those serving in World War One.


These badges are of interest as examples of those made and sold in Australia during World War One to provide comforts for Australian servicemen.

Physical description

.1 Circular metal and enamel badge. The front features the Australian flag on a red background surrounded by a white annulus and a pale blue ring with text. There are rust marks on the surface.The reverse has a pin clip.
.2 Identical to .1 but very discoloured and faded.
.3 Circular metal and enamel badge. The front features a the head and shoulders of an Australian soldier in uniform with a slouch hat and a gun with bayonet fixed against a background of the Australian flag. Inside the outer rim of pale gold is a white ring with red text. There is a pin clip on the reverse.

Inscriptions & markings

.2 Identical to .1