Historical information

The Red Cross was established in Switzerland in 1683 and in Australia in 1914. Today it is the best known charitable organisation in the world and operates extensively throughout Australia. These badges may have been given to members for years of service. One badge comes from a local Warrnambool woman named Nance Moore, nee Vickers.


These badges are retained as examples of badges produced for the Red Cross in Australia and possibly treasured by members of the Red Cross.

Physical description

Four metal badges:
.1 features a symmetrical red cross with gold edging. Three extremities of the cross are linked by a gold coloured semi circular chain on the perimeter. The fourth extremity has a curved scroll with text and two small triangular points. The later allow the badge to stand when not being worn. There is a pin clip on the reverse.
.2 Identical to .1 with pin detached
.3 Identical to .1 except pin on reverse is missing.
.4 Identical to .1 . the badge is pinned through a piece of pink and white paper with text

Inscriptions & markings

All badges : LINKS OF SERVICE On reverse .1 2525 Stokes .2 2570 .3 2535 STOKES .4 395
Paper- Red Cross Links from Nance Moore ( Vickers)