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.3) South Australian School of MInes and Technological Museum Annual Report for 1908 and Prospectus for 1909. Includes images of the School Council (H. Adams, E.A. Roberts, E.W. Van Senden, Hon. Sir J. Langdon Bonython, Hon. Sir F.W. Holder, Hon. D.M. Charleston, Professor W.H. Bragg, J. Theo Scherk. L. Grayson, J.G. Bice, W.H. Matthews), The School, Plans of the Metallurgical and Chemical Laboratories, Physics Students, Assaying Furnace Room, David Murray, Museum, Noyes Electrical Engineering Laboratory, Model Scouring Plant at the Angas Wool laboratory, Sir George Ruthven Le Hunte, Wet Assay Laboratory. Electro-Technical Room.