Historical information

The Surrey Dive was formed on the site of a quarry from which clay had been extracted for brick-making. From 1905 Council was petitioned by the newly-formed Surrey Park Swimming Club to develop the site. Improvements including bathing sheds, spring boards and a 10-lane course but it remained a challenging site for inexperienced swimmers because of the sheer cliffs and the drop of 30m.
The dive was the site of many swimming carnivals and attracted large spectator crowds. Frank Beaurepaire competed in the first carnival held in 1907 and won the one-mile race in record time.
The dive was closed following the drought of 1967-1968 and redeveloped as an ornamental lake.


The Surrey Dive was the first Olympic standard pool in Australia.

Physical description

Black and white photo of the Surrey Dive taken in January 1931, probably during a swimming carnival. The dive is in the foreground with 2 buildings on the LHS. One is brick with a chimney and at the water's edge; the other is of timber construction and is on the far LHS on the bank above the water. There is a large group of people in bathing costumes and a crowd which extends up the bank towards the right. There are mature conifer trees in the background.