Historical information

Caption indicates that the Surrey Hills Church of Christ football team was not only A Grade Premiers in 1938, but also Premiers B Grade in 1935 and Runners-up in C Grade in 1934.
Identification per caption as follows:
Back row L to R: I T Robertson, K Balding, R T Hayes, M Holmyard (Hon Treasurer)
Centre row L to R: M Neilson, L Weeks, F Hayes, A C Sneddon (Hon Secretary), J Andrews, K Webster, J McNiesh.
Front row L to R: J F H Peers (Vice-President), R Watkins, K Turnley, E Little (Captain), F Neilson (Vice-Captain), M Neilson, R Weeks, W Nankivell (President).
The inauguration of the Association took place at a meeting held at Camberwell Methodist School Office on the 19 March 1923. The following churches were represented at this meeting: Auburn Presbyterian, Kew Presbyterian, Hawthorn Presbyterian, Camberwell Methodist, Canterbury Methodist and St Marks Church of England, Burke Road and Holy Trinity Church of England, Surrey Hills. From 1923 to 1992 there were at least 160 clubs / teams that competed through the various grades with many of these combining & /or changing names, as well as those that competed irregularly.

Physical description

Black and white studio photo of the 1938 Surrey Hills Church of Christ football team with the ESPCFA A Grade Premiers flag in the background. The team includes 17 players and 2 club officials, seated at each end of the front row. The premiership cup is on the floor in centre position.Black and white photo measuring L 20.6 cm x H 15.4 cm mounted on its original brown mount with darker brown borders; the original mount is not glued to the standard cream mount card.

Inscriptions & markings

72.681 in biro in top RH corner; COURTESY: ALAN SNEDDON in biro beneath the printed identification of the team members. On rear of original mount card in Jocelyn hall's writing: "Have 5 extra copies of this ORIGINAL / in our separate (ORIGINAL) COLLECTION" - PARTIALLY UNDERLINED.
On back of the loose cream mount card in Jocelyn Hall's writing: "This ORIGINAL at Centre as have / 5 more ORIGINALS (same) in separate / ORIGINAL collection" in black biro; also "Football / dark card (underlined) in pencil.