Historical information

Author: Alan Judge Holt amassed a significant collection of historical material related to the Surrey Hills area. Born in Moonee Ponds in 1912 to Edmund Holt and Ellen Ruby Sutton, he married Edna Jean Pallot in 1937. They lived at 62 Broughton Road, Surrey hills, had 3 sons and were strongly associated with the Surrey Hills Methodist Church. Alan was Secretary of the Victorian Lands Department and in his spare time recorded the occupancy of every property in Surrey Hills and Mont Albert at the beginning of each decade from 1890 to 1980. His collection of files and individual cards covers people, places, churches, clubs, businesses and other organisations in the area. Alan used this information to give talks and tours of the area and gifted his material to the local history collection through Jocelyn Hall.

Physical description

A spiral bound manuscript which includes a physical description of Wattle Park as well as covering aboriginal occupation, pastoral and timber cutting, the original purchasers and locations of neighbouring farms.